If you’re ready to expand your small business and add some great new workers to your team, you’re probably wondering what you should do to attract the top talent in your industry. What are the best ways to entice talented people to come work for you? Let’s look at some top tips to get the best of the best working in your company.

Post Listings Everwhere

The first thing you should do when you’re looking for a new employee is to post all over your business’s social media accounts and job recruiting sites like LinkedIn that you’re looking for qualified candidates. This approach will allow you to sift through the applications of numerous potential employees to narrow down the best options. 

If you don’t get the word out about the job listing, it’s difficult to see enough resumes to make an informed decision. Make sure you know you’re looking at the widest swath of applicants before you hire anyone!

Don’t Just Look Online

Online job listings are a great way to cast a wide net, but they’re not the only tool at your disposal. Rely on the networking skills of your other employees, too! Do they have professional contacts from prior jobs that would make great additions to your team? If so, have them reach out with the details about the position.

Likewise, use your own contacts to expand your network. Maybe you’ve got friends in other fields who know some of their employees are looking for a change in their industry. They could vouch for their former employees and send them your way for an interview!

Offer Competitive Pay and Benefits

The best workers know what they’re worth. They won’t work for less than the market price, and they’ll become offended if you try to lowball them during salary negotiations. If you want the best people, you need to pay the best wages. Likewise, professionals expect benefits like paid time off and medical insurance. Without these assurances, you can give up on the idea of looking for top talent.

If that sounds too expensive, consider how much more profitable your business will be when it’s stacked with the best of the best. If you want to stay competitive in a crowded market, you need to stay agile and keep the most qualified workers on your team. If you insist on paying below-average wages, you’ll succeed only in securing below-average workers for a business that will struggle to turn a profit.