If you’re the owner of a small business, you might be wondering how you can make your company stand out from the competition. Companies are fighting harder than ever for market share these days and customers have tons of options in every field. 

What can you do to make a good impression on your customers? Today we’re looking at a few tips to help you make the most of your business’s branding and to keep your customers coming back for more!

Local Advertising

Advertising isn’t just for the biggest companies. Even small businesses and local chains need to engage with advertising on a small scale to keep people coming back. Think of it this way: if your competition spends money on radio ads and you don’t, which business do you think people will remember when they need to buy something?

Getting your name on billboards and local radio stations can go a long way. Brand recognition is the key to success in a crowded market. When people think of the product you sell, they should think of your business’s name. 

Something Tangible

No matter what you sell, you should always give your customers something tangible they can associate with your company. For example, you should keep business cards near the front of the store or office so customers or clients can take them on their way out the door. If they can see your logo and phone number at a glance, it keeps your business in the front of customers’ minds.

For retailers or restaurants, you can take this tangibility initiative a step further by mailing out coupons or flyers. People love feeling like they’re getting a deal, so physical coupons are a great way to get foot traffic in your store. 

Big Events

There’s nothing like an event to pull a community together. If you’re looking to drum up interest in your business, plan event days where you run discounts and have local vendors serve lunch. Invest in banners and eye-catching displays to announce the event to passing motorists, and plan for a high volume of visitors!

You can put all three of these techniques together to advertise your business. Take out local radio and TV spots to announce an event and mail out flyers to remind people of the date. Try to set it on a Saturday so you can have the widest array of customers visit. Then, they’ll associate your business with a fun event and great deals!