Inflation impacts everyone, but it’s particularly hard on working-class people. The less capital you possess, the tougher it is to pay ever-increasing prices for everyday goods.

How can you safeguard your finances when everything is getting more expensive? Here are some of our top tips for saving money during times of high inflation.

Investment Portfolio

Cash is the first thing to lose value when inflation spikes. Imagine your parents putting $100 in a box in 1980 and setting it aside for a rainy day. If they opened his box today, it would contain $100. Had they invested that money in a company like Coca-Cola or Apple, however, it would be worth several times more today.

Don’t make the mistake of prioritizing cash in hand over long-term investments. The stock market historically rises with the rate of inflation, so people who want to save for the future should consider investing in a diversified portfolio now to prepare for later periods of inflation.

Retirement Plan

There’s never been a better time to start investing in your employer-backed retirement plan if you have one. Your dollars are worth more right now than they will likely ever be worth again. That means it’s time to start saving to get compounding interesting working on your side today.

If you start saving now, it’ll give your money the longest amount of time to work for you. With every year that passes by, your money in a savings account makes you more money. This means that retirement accounts are one of the safest investments in the face of historic inflation rates.


Gold historically performs well above the value of the dollar, especially during unstable economic times. Consider investing your assets in commodities like gold that will safeguard your money.

You could also consider investing in real estate, as land and properties perform well above the rate of inflation. People always need somewhere to live or a location to do business!

Avoiding Inflated Items

It’s time to do some research. Find out which items in your budget are experiencing the highest inflation rates. If you can, avoid these products until their prices come back down.

For example, gas prices are astronomical right now. As such, consumers should avoid driving more than they have to or invest in transportation methods that don’t require gasoline. 

Inflation is insidious because it pervades the entire economy. However, with the right strategy and discipline, you can avoid paying the highest costs when currencies lose their value.