Interviewing New Hires: What To Look For in an Employee


If your business is struggling to find the right help, you might be wondering what part of your hiring process is failing you. Some companies struggle to identify the best workers during the interview process, hiring unreliable people while overlooking top candidates.

So, what should you be looking for when you interview a potential employee? Here are the qualities all great workers share.

Genuine Interest

A great job candidate shows genuine interest in your company. Passionate people are hard to find, so someone who gets excited about your business is someone you should consider hiring. Genuine interest in your company makes someone a great choice even if they don’t have the exact qualifications that you’re looking for.

You can overlook a slightly smaller amount of experience or a marginally higher base salary when a candidate is passionate about their field. Enthusiastic workers tend to work harder, outperform their colleagues, and experience more success.

Good Chemistry

It’s not enough for a potential hire to have the right qualifications for the position. They need to get along with everyone else in the office. Some highly qualified candidates can disqualify themselves by not fitting the workplace culture.

If your office environment is professional and structured, it’s not a good idea to hire a free-wheeling job candidate who refuses to wear formal attire. Likewise, open-ended workplaces are a poor fit for highly-structured job candidates who prefer a quiet workspace.

No Fear

Your business needs employees who know what they need to succeed. Avoid candidates who don’t know what they bring to the table. If you’re interviewing someone who has no idea what their strengths are, they have no business working for you. Even the most well-qualified candidates need to know their strengths.

Meek people who simply follow instructions and never take the initiative won’t help your business succeed. Avoid these workers and hire people who have no fear!

Aim High

Some managers don’t mind hiring people who are just looking for a paycheck. You shouldn’t be one of those managers! Hire people who have ambitions beyond the position for which you’re hiring them. The best employees you’ll ever hire will be the ones aiming for higher pay, more responsibility, and a bright future.

If you’re hiring listless employees who never think about the future, your business will follow suit. How can unambitious employees help an ambitious company thrive? Hire people who share your vision and your passion!