How Can You Attract Talented Workers During a Labor Shortage?


Finding talented workers is difficult. Even using online tools like Indeed or LinkedIn can leave you scrambling to cover your business’s needs. However, it’s easy to find good help when top talent seeks you out.

How can you make your business somewhere qualified people want to work? The trick is to become an ideal workplace. That’s easier than it sounds, too.

Reward Hard Work

Talented employees know what they’re worth. If you don’t pay them what they’re owed, they’ll find an employer who will. When your best people ask for a raise, the best decision is to listen to them. Telling your team that you appreciate them without backing those statements up with competitive annual raises will make your words seem hollow.

People in your industry talk to each other, too. If you have a reputation for withholding raises and promotions, talented workers will hear about it. You’ll find it harder to attract good employees if you never reward your hardest workers.

Let People Succeed on Their Own

When you hire someone to do a job, you need to trust them to perform their tasks. If you’re always looking over your employees’ shoulders, they won’t perform their best work. No one can concentrate if they’re being micromanaged every day.

Trust your instincts! If you hire someone, you need to put your faith in them. When they succeed, they’ll do so on their own merits. If they fail, you can find ways to address the problem without constantly hovering over them and asking them how they’re doing.

Once your employees succeed in their current positions, you can trust them to take on more responsibility. This makes your business culture welcoming and rewarding, which will attract more talented people to work with you.

Employee-Focused Culture

Don’t just think about what employees can offer your company. Focus on ways your company can become a great place for the people who work for you! A business is only as strong as its workers, after all. Today’s employees value work-life balance, flexible schedules, and time off. People don’t live to work!

Here’s a secret that all good business owners know: happy workers are hard workers. If you want your people to go above and beyond for you, it’s vital you show them the same dedication and loyalty. When an employee asks for time off to be with loved ones, give them time off. Then, when you need some extra help, your employees will remember how much you’ve done for them and will return the favor.