Frugal Living Basics: Saving Money Every Day


Saving money doesn’t need to be a headache. If you make thoughtful choices with your finances every day, you can start saving money right now. Consistent savings are the key to unlocking your financial future! Take control of your money today with these frugal living tips for beginners.

Make Food at Home

Stop spending so much money on food from restaurants when you’ve got food in the cupboards. You can save a ton by staying home instead of going out! Make your favorite meal at home instead of heading out on the town to order food. Groceries are expensive enough already! Don’t stretch your budget further by adding constant restaurant trips to your monthly expenses.

If there’s a dish you love that you can only get at a specialty restaurant, consider learning how to make it yourself. Once you know how to cook your favorite meal, you can buy the ingredients and make it at home for a fraction of the price.

Secondhand Purchases

Buying brand new clothing or cars is fun, but there’s no reason to spend so much money. You can get clothes for a fraction of the cost by visiting secondhand retailers like consignment shops or thrift stores. You might even find some vintage threads that fit your style, too!

The same goes for vehicles. Why would you spend thousands of dollars on a newer car? To say you were the first person to drive it? Used cars will still get you to work and back just fine. As soon as you drive off the dealership parking lot, your new ride starts losing value. New cars are never an investment, and they never retain their sale price.

Impulse Spending

Avoid anything that triggers your desire to make impulse purchases. Maybe you spend too much money when you’re out with a particular group of friends. Encourage that group to spend time with you far from any retailers instead of going out on the town together.

Likewise, consider limiting your online shopping funds if you constantly spend money on sites like Amazon and eBay. Impulse purchases can sneak up on you and eat into your paycheck. That is especially true for people who struggle with spiraling credit card balances.

If you’ve got a problem with impulse spending, use your credit card only for bills and recurring expenses. This strategy allows you to consistently pay off your balance instead of allowing it to accrue interest every month as you pile more debts onto your card.