Hiring good help isn’t easy these days. If you’re not having any luck getting people to stick with your business, you might be looking for answers about what potential employees want to see from their workplace. Today, we’re looking at a few criteria that job seekers say are must-have features for anywhere they would work.

Strong Direction

People want decisive managers and clear goals. Without good leaders taking the reins, a workplace can feel lost and adrift. People respond well to clear expectations and defined guidelines for what each worker should do. The old saying goes, “People don’t leave bad jobs. They leave bad managers.”

That statement is true! Good leadership is critical for any business’s success. Without defined goals, your employees might feel like they’re just treading water. Take steps to ensure everyone knows what they can do to succeed and what rewards await them if they perform well. Connecting worker performance to compensation and promotions is a great way to give your employees a sense of purpose and to help push your business to new heights.

Work-Life Balance 

You pour your heart and soul into running your business, so it can be easy to forget that your employees might not feel as strong of an attachment to the company. Remember, your staff works to live; they don’t live to work. People need a good work-life balance to stay motivated and happy.

As such, you should respect break times and days off. Workers feel like they can never relax if they’re called in constantly on their off days. Likewise, if you’re cutting their lunch breaks short every day, then your employees could begin to resent you. Keep things consistent so that your staff can relax when they’re not on the clock!

Proper Staffing

The best way to guarantee a solid work-life balance for your employees is to keep your business fully staffed. Maybe you think that the shop can limp along with six workers when it needs ten. You might consider maintaining the staffing level just under where it ideally should be to keep payroll costs lost.

However, this strategy will backfire. Workers get burned out when they feel like they’re constantly rushing to make up for the missing parts of the team. Once your staff gets burned out, they’re not going to put their maximum effort into the job anymore. Keeping an appropriate number of people on staff will make your team happy, and it’ll keep everything running smoothly from the customers’ standpoint, too!