What’s a Side Hustle? Turning Your Free Time into Fun Money


Do you ever get home from work with boundless energy overflowing for your countless hobbies? Yeah, us neither. But that doesn’t mean you can’t turn your free time into some extra dough. Side hustles might sound like a lot of work, especially if you already have a full-time job, but they can be a great way to make a few extra bucks on the weekends or in the evenings.

Here are some side hustles you could consider to help you stretch your money a bit further between paychecks.

Yard Sale

The original side hustle, setting up a yard sale, remains a great way to trade some of your old stuff for cold, hard cash. Put up a few signs in your neighborhood and get it going early on a Saturday morning, and people will come to you. No, seriously! It’s a time-honored tradition for bargain seekers to ride around the neighborhood early on Saturdays to find a yard sale to scout out.

The important thing with a yard sale is just moving volume. You shouldn’t sweat the individual prices too much and be comfortable with a bit of haggling. If people feel like they’re getting a good deal, call it a win. Moving stuff off of your lawn and earning money in your pocket is the crucial thing here.


If you don’t have a yard, don’t sweat it. You can get some side hustle going similarly to a yard sale if you sell online through sites like eBay. This way, you don’t have to get up early on a Saturday, but you still get to turn your old stuff into money.

With eBay, you can also think about the prices a bit more. People can be more discerning online, but you can also sell for a bit more when you’re addressing a wider audience. It’s preferable for collectibles or niche items with value to a small subset of people.

Delivery Driving

Driving for a delivery service is a great way to get some money coming in on your days off. It’s not something you need to commit to, and you can turn on the delivery app when you’re ready to drive. Keep your schedule clear while giving you a way to bring in money while you’re off work.

Remember, the key to upping your side hustle game is to keep it moving. Don’t get complacent, or you won’t be making a dime.