If you’re a small business owner in a crowded field, you might be wondering how you can make your business stick out from the crowd. The key to succeeding in the modern economy is building a solid brand image around your business. No one will remember a company with a bland logo and a straightforward, “business-first” image.

Do you have an eye-catching logo, a robust set of colors associated with your brand, or a mascot? If these answers are all “no,” then it’s time to make a change.

Eye-Catching Logo

If your logo is some variation on your business’s name in some block letters with an angular font, it’s time to try again. Think of brands that make the most significant impact, like Apple and Amazon. Those brands’ logos just popped up in your mind, didn’t they?

While we’re not saying you need to have a logo as iconic as Coca-Cola, we are saying that you need to be a step above your competition. Don’t be afraid to spend a bit of money hiring a professional designer to help you get a robust suite of branding in place for your business. It’s a big expense, but it can pay dividends for you down the road.

Color Choices

Choosing the right colors to make your business’s logo and interiors pop is a tough call. Not everyone has an eye for interior design, branding, and color theory. Once again, hiring a professional designer can go a long way in making these decisions.

If you’ve got a color palette in mind, consider running it by a design consultant to get their take on it. There are some aspects of color theory you might not be familiar with! A professional designer can help you find color pairings that complement each other well and inform you about color theories on why specific colors elicit certain responses from people.

Do You Need a Mascot?

Mascots aren’t just for sports teams! A mascot can be a strong, central piece of branding for your business. While not every industry lends itself to a colorful cartoon as its face, many could benefit significantly from a friendly character that could help customers connect with the brand.

When you get in touch with a professional designer for a suite of branding upgrades for your business, be ready to discuss the possibility of creating a character that captures the spirit of your business. Creating more ways for your customers to identify your business and connect with it is always worth the investment!