Why You Should be Investing No Matter How Much You Make


Have you heard this before? Investing in the stock market is expensive, complicated, and best ignored unless you make six figures per year. It’s not the sort of thing that you can do easily; it requires specific education, and the laws around it are so complicated that you can’t even do it without a degree.

That’s the truth about investing in the stock market, right? Actually, these are myths. Investing your money is something that anybody could (and should) be doing. Even if you don’t make a lot of money, you could always benefit from investing it in a way that would help you open up your financial freedom.

Buying Money

Have you ever wished you had a bit more money you could tap into before payday? Maybe you’ve taken out loans to cover some expenses with this in mind. What if you could do something similar, but instead of borrowing from someone else, you were borrowing from yourself?

Even if you only scrape a few bucks together to open an investment account, that can be a huge help down the line. When you’re investing in dependable, slow-growing accounts, you can rest assured that your money will make money for you. That’s not something you can say about most ways you spend your last few bucks at the end of a paycheck, is it?

How Investing Could Help You

Let’s say you only have about ten bucks left after you cover your bills. Take that money and invest it in a slow-growth fund that will have consistent returns. Do this every paycheck and make sure you’re not taking money out from your investment fund until you really need it. Then, once you’ve taken money out, pay yourself back for the “loan” once you get paid again.

Doing this consistently over years can result in essentially “buying” your own financial security. It requires some patience and dedication, of course, but this style of investing could be beneficial for someone of any income level. Maybe you won’t ever save up enough to buy a sports car and a mansion, but that’s not the goal. Being financially independent and comfortable is the goal.

Expectations to Manage

The issue most people encounter when they think about investing is that they think they need to get rich, so they see the reality of investing as a bad deal. However, if you’re able to make yourself financially comfortable with your investments, then you’re investing the right way.