Free Small Business Tools Your Company Should Really Be Using


Small businesses definitely have a lot going on and often have a greater need to watch their bottom line than some larger businesses do. That’s because so many things cost money that a smaller business simply can’t afford to risk–at least not until they become more successful.

Luckily, there are small business tools that can help your company excel. Even better, you don’t have to break the bank in order to make use of them since they’re all free!

First, Ask Yourself This Question

Do you really need to buy a new piece of software or equipment? Running a small business can be very expensive, which means you must take careful review of any critical decisions your team might come up with. Just because an idea sounds great on paper doesn’t mean you can actually afford to make it happen, especially since it might affect what you’ll be able to secure for your small business in the future.

That means it’s very smart to take advantage of free business tools like the ones mentioned below, so you’ll be able to save money to help grow your business.

Wix Website Builder

Who says you need to pay a designer top dollar to build out an entire small business website, especially if you don’t really need all of the fancy bells and whistles? Thanks to website builders like the one that Wix provides, you can create a full-featured website that’s not only mobile-friendly but also won’t break your budget.

If you like using Wix but find that you need a bit more, they also offer a paid web hosting service as an upgrade.

Wrike Project Management

One of the biggest small business tools that your company could benefit from is a project management solution, such as Project Management from Wrike. They offer many different tiers according to your needs, including a free version that offers an unlimited number of collaborators, 2 GB of free storage, and up to five users. If you’re a small business, you might not need much more than that. You can always upgrade as your company continues to grow.

Deputy Human Resources Management

Not all small businesses can afford someone to handle human resources, so that’s where Deputy’s Human Resources Management might come in handy. You can track your employee’s progress via Deputy, which offers a starter plan for just $1 per employee per month. Okay, so that isn’t free, but it’s obviously a very small price to pay when it comes to human resource management for your small business.