Funny-Sounding Forgotten Words That Would Be Fun to Use Again!


Words come and go in the English language frequently, and that’s unfortunate because we’ve lost quite a few real gems. Here are a few forgotten English words that have a funny sound to them that would be a lot of fun to start using again!

1. Giglet

: A giddy frivolous frolicsome girl; a lascivious woman
[Archaic – middle English, probably originated from gig/gigg/gigge (silly girl)]

2. Flapdoodle

: Nonsense
[Archaic – first known use: 1878]

3. Condiddle

: to make away with secretly
[Archaic, British – probably from com- + diddle]

4. Foozle

: To manage or play awkwardly : Bungle
: An act of foozling; especially : a bungling golf stroke
[Archaic – first known use: 1890]

5. Callipygian

: having shapely buttocks : pertaining to well-shaped or finely developed buttocks
[Archaic – first known use: 1831]

6. Balderdash

: nonsense : senseless talk or writing
[Archaic, origin unknown – first known use: 1694]

7. Humbuggery

: something designed to deceive and mislead : willfully false, deceptive, or insincere action or activities : an attitude or spirit of pretense and deception
[archaic, origin unknown – first known use 1750]

8. Doggo

Although used loosely today to refer to one’s dog or doggy, it had a different meaning in older times…
: in hiding : desire to be left alone
The word was used primarily in the phrase: “to lie doggo” or “lying doggo.”
[Archaic – first known use: 1886]

9. Gobbledygook

: wordy and generally unintelligible jargon
[first known use: 1944]

10. Bafflegab

: gobbledygook : gibberish: unintelligible
[first known use: 1952]