4 Ways to Spend Your Third Stimulus Check

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Millions of Americans began receiving their third stimulus check in March following months of anticipation. Many who received stimulus checks used it to take care of immediate financial concerns such as paying rent, taking care of credit card bills, and putting food on the table. 

While the ultimate goal of a stimulus check is to — you guessed it! — stimulate the economy — there are plenty of smart things you can do with $1,400.

Whether you’re looking to do something smart with your money or just want to have a little fun, here are a few different ways to spend your stimulus check.

Take Cares of Bills First

I know it’s tempting to want to use your stimulus check to get a new pair of shoes or buy a nice dress, but the smart thing to do is to put it towards bills first.

If you have any outstanding credit card debt or bills that are past due, put your money towards that. While it’s certainly not as fun as going shopping, you’ll feel better knowing your bills are being taken care of. 

Fix Something

Does your car need new tires? Is a piece of furniture in your home falling apart? If so, use your stimulus check to fix or replace anything in your life that needs fixing or replacing.

It’s easy to put off fixing something in your life when you have to use your hard-earned money to do it, but it should be a little easier when you have a stimulus check in your hand (or in your bank account). 


There’s nothing wrong with spending your stimulus check on fun stuff, but if you really don’t an extra $1,4000, consider donating it to a charity in need.

Give money to a homeless shelter in your area, donate food to a local food bank, or donate sports equipment to somewhere like the Boys & Girls Club of America. Not only will this make good use of your money, but it’ll help the people who truly need it.

Shop Local

If you’re really set on spending your stimulus check in a fun way, try your best to shop locally. Small businesses are really struggling at the moment, so use your extra money to help places in your area.

Buy a cute outfit from a local boutique, grab something for your home from a furniture place, or even get a new plant from a coffee shop. There are endless options.