Celebrate English Language Day with these Words!


Starting in 2010, the United Nations named six language days in recognition of the six official languages of the UN. April 23 was selected as “English Language Day” which also commemorates one of its most celebrated writers and master of the language, William Shakespeare. To get prepared – and utilize your English language knowledge – here are some fun words that aren’t sticking around!

Use these words while they’re hot – they’re going fast!

Researchers from Reading University identified some of the oldest words in the English language. Not only that, they claim their computer model can predict which words from the English language are likely to become extinct.

With that in mind, let’s look at a few of the words that appear to be on the endangered list!

1. Bad

Bad is going away? That not good!

It must be hard for people who are learning English as a second language, as the word “bad” is now used to mean both bad and good – so confusing! We think “bad” is a good word and it too bad for bad.

2. Squeeze

Apparently, the squeeze is being put on “squeeze!” Say it ain’t so! “Squeeze” you are my favorite squeeze! Now it looks as if you are going to be squeezed out.

3. Stick

I think we’re going to find ourselves stuck looking for a new word to stick in place to replace “stick.” This is a sticky situation. All I know is: “Stick,” I’m totally stuck on you! And if they try to tell you leave – tell them to stick it!

4. Guts

It looks like there’s another word that’s going to be gutted: “Guts.” Boy, somebody sure has a lot of guts trying to get rid of this word. In fact, whoever came up with the idea to get rid of this word – I hate your guts!

5. Push

It looks like “push” is going to get pushed out, too. I don’t know what the big push is to get rid of it so fast, but I can tell you “push” is no pushover! You can’t push “push” around!

6. Wipe

Here’s another word they are trying to wipe off the map – “wipe!” In a future sometime from now, the word “wipe” will be completely wiped out! I know it hurts, but you’ll just have to wipe away your tears and carry on!

7. Dirty

Well of all the dirty tricks – trying to get rid of “dirty.” No doubt, it’s going to cause some dirty looks. I mean, what’s going to happen to all the dirty jokes, dirty minds and dirty business? Well, I guess they’ve got all the dirt on this word and it’s time to dig a hole and bury “dirty” six feet under dirt.