li·​ai·​son | ˈlēəˌzän, lēˈāzän/

Definition of Liaison

Noun (ˈlēəˌzän, lēˈāzän)

  1. A close working relationship between individuals or organizations.
  2. An individual that serves as a connection or “go-between” to aid in communication among business partners that work in cooperation.
  3. An affair or sexual interaction usually kept well hidden or in secret.
  4. A substance used to thicken food properties as a way to bind together; typically involves egg yolks.

Usage of Liaison


  1. The executive administrator worked in close liaison with the CEO and his constituents.
  2. Dennis Rodman served as a type of liaison with North Korea.
  3. The general’s wife was often seen taking part in a liaison with the neighbor while he was away on duty.
  4. The runny nature of the spaghetti sauce was an indication that it could have used a better liaison during preparation.

Origin of Liaison

The term liaison derived from the Middle French word lier which meant “to bind or tie.” Interestingly, it is related to the English term liable, “responsible by law.” Liaison is used formally as well as casually to refer to any relationship between groups or individuals that have a close bond to each other in a specific way.

The fourth definition in reference to a “binding agent” used for cooking or baking came into use around the mid-17th century.