hypothesis/ haɪˈpɒθ ə sɪs, hɪ- /

Meaning of Hypothesis

  1. A proposition or set of propositions that are set forward in an attempt to explain a phenomenon, often in a scientific setting.
  2. The premise of an argument, a core assumption in the argument.
  3. Nothing more than a guess or assumption.

Usage of Hypothesis

  1. The scientist’s hypothesis proved to be reliable when it accurately predicted results in repeatable tests.
  2. The paper’s hypothesis was controversial when it was written, but its core assumptions have been borne out.
  3. You don’t know that to be a fact, it’s just your hypothesis.

Origins of Hypothesis

The English usage of the word hypothesis first dates back to the late 16th Century. The word is derived from the Greek word of the same spelling, hypóthesis, which means “basis” or “supposition.” The word is most commonly used in scientific settings.