dedicate/ verb ˈdɛd ɪˌkeɪt; adjective ˈdɛd ɪ kɪt /

Meaning of Dedicate

1. To denote for a sacred or holy purpose.2. To wholly commit to a cause or purpose.3. To formally offer to a person or cause.

Uses of Dedicate

1. The priest dedicated the location as the future site of a temple.2. She was dedicated to the cause of liberation.3. The movie was dedicated to an actor who passed away during production.

Origins of Dedicate

The word dedicate entered the English language around 1400, likely derived from the Latin word dēdicātus, which is the past participle of dēdicāre. Dēdicāre means to shout, to declare or to devote, making it the clear origin of the English word.