Another Word for Breakfast Things You Probably Never Heard Of


Did you know that there is another word for breakfast that not only describes breakfast itself but every single thing associated with it? Not only that, but a variation of this same word describes the act of having breakfast itself. Curious? Read on!

It’s a new-old word

This is replacement word for breakfast and having breakfast is an old word from Latin that has found new life.


Noun: “jentacular.”

1. Breakfast.

Verb: “jentaculate.”

2. The act of eating breakfast.


If you’re going to go on or Miriam Webster online to look it up… Don’t bother. They don’t have this word listed. However, you will find the word as “pending” at Collins English dictionary.

The word is said to derive from the Latin words, jentaculum or jentaculi, meaning breakfast.


If you wanted to describe breakfast foods, such as scrambled eggs, pancakes, waffles, cereal, or even a glass of orange juice – you could describe it with simply one word.

Instead of saying: “We need to go shopping for breakfast food.” You could shorten it by simply saying, “We’re out of jentacular.” That’s saying the same thing with half the words.

Likewise, instead of saying: “Let’s eat breakfast.” You could simply say, “Let’s jentaculate.” That saves you a whole word.

The preceding word tips are for all those super-efficient people who like to minimalize everything possible in their lives. You’re welcome.

We all love our breakfast foods, especially coffee, which is a must for some people, but that’s one part of jentacular, where too much of it stains and leads to a need for teeth whitening. So don’t over-do it on the coffee when you jentaculate.