The End of Time: The Last Civilization May Live Around a Black Hole

Cameron Norris February 22, 2021

If our understanding of the universe is correct, there will come a day when every star in the cosmos has winked out, either falling apart or becoming a black hole. In such a dark time, trillions of years from now, it’s hard to imagine any intelligent life still clinging to …

Fun Facts: Did You Know These Fascinating Space Facts?

Cameron Norris February 8, 2021

Space is a vast, fascinating expanse that surrounds us at all times. Space is part of the natural world in much the same way as trees and rivers. When you get technical, everything is in “space”: every planet is moving through space. Earth is spinning around the sun, spinning on …

We Can See Other Galaxies Now, But That Will Change Eventually

Cameron Norris February 1, 2021

The universe likely got started off with a bang. A big one, at that. That Big Bang saw all of existence go from being subatomic to stretching over billions of lightyears in the blink of an eye. The energy and force of that explosion caused cosmic background radiation that humans …

IRS Prepared To Send 3rd Check

Caitlin Mueller January 28, 2021

Your stimulus check will be delivered in a timely manner once lawmakers authorize the next payment. President Biden is urging lawmakers to make a decision on the COVID-19 bill that includes an additional $1,400 for eligible Americans. If the bill is approved, the IRS will be prepared to send out checks …

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